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Pleated Linen Facemask

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Introducing our ECO Face Mask 1D. Lightweight, breathable. Allows to stay cool in the summer heat and during workouts. Our face masks are made from off cuts of our sustainable production fabrics, working to help reduce all fabric waste when making our clothes. They are suitable for adults and teenagers. They are machine washable at 60 degrees, we recommend washing frequently between wears to keep them clean and hygienic. Features open ear strings. Add an embroidered logo to your mask (50 pcs min order). A single set includes 5 masks (the colours of the masks are selected randomly). 



NB! A reusable face mask is not equivalent to a medical mask and does not prevent the spread of the virus to the same extent, but wearing such a mask in combination with other preventative measures may reduce the risk of inhalation infection and spread of the infection.

Care Instructions

We hope that with these tips your clothes will serve you a very long time. In case of any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The first times you wash your wool and linen items, they may shrink a little. This is normal.

As always, separate your clothes by colour, and never wash white clothes together with coloured clothes. 

For best results you can take your products to a dry cleaner. It is  particularly recommended you do so for large and heavy products.

Wool and linen knitwear

  1. The best way to wash your knitwear at home, be it wool or linen, is by hand in warm water. The temperature must be between 30°C and 40°C (80-104°F). Never rub or twist your knitwear. If your washing machine allows it, you can use it wash your clothing. It needs to have a special delicate cycle setting (at 30-40°C).
  2. Use detergents that soften the water for best results. Never use bleach or bleach-containing detergents on wool or linen.
  3. Dry your clothing in a straightened form on top of a towel.
  4. Iron your knitwear at maximum steam. Only follow the direction of the loop when ironing.

Linen fabrics

  1. You can wash them in the washing machine at up to 40°C (but not higher), using a mild detergent. Never use bleach or bleach-containing detergents on linen.
  2. When drying your linen clothing, make sure they are in a straightened form.
  3. When ironing your linen clothes, make sure they are slightly damp for best results. Do not exceed 200°C and use high steam.